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Welcome SPRING!!  It is finally here.  It is a beautiful day here in Connecticut.  Today was a busy morning for me.  I had a few orders from my ETSY shop to complete before I get to go out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather.  This is how I started my day :

Smoothie:  I made myself a different smoothie which I added a new GREEN juice called “Naked” which I purchased from Costco.   I am not promoting this juice since I am not a doctor or a nutritionist so this is just my opinion.  I just wanted to give this a try and see if this would be just as good as the real thing.  It does say that it is 100% juice smoothie so I will try it.  I did however “Googled” this juice and read some pros and cons on this product but I feel that as long as it doesn’t affect my health, then it should be okay.  This is just my opinion and I am sure that everyone has their own opinion on this “NAKED” juice and would love to hear from them.  It comes in a few flavors but I decided on the “GREEN MACHINE” juice which has a blend of 5 juices with added ingredients.  I tasted it alone at first but don’t like it but as long as I blended it with other ingredients, then it is fine.   I added a banana, strawberries, an orange, a tbsp. of organic ground flax seed, baby carrots, low acid orange juice and the green juice.   It doesn’t taste bad, I like it and will continue to use it.  Off course the real greens are better so it is what it is.



Spring:  The temperature and weather outside is perfect for spring.  I feel good.  I bought myself some flowers yesterday to start off the season.  I adore flowers and they brighten my day.  Go out and treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  It is worth it. Here’s mine to share with you .  I hope you have a great day !  Ahhhhh.